Our biggest asset is our cooperation with a wide range of global brands that are known to be the best at what they do.
Over the years, we’ve expanded our network to some of the main trading hot spots of the world, including Europe, North America, United Arab Emirates and certain parts of Asia. This allows us to reach our customers and partners in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Our next step is to grow our network even further by increasing the opportunities and making sure our relationships with other brands are both sided and equally benefit us and our partners. As much as we focus on quality and growth, we also know that delivering prime products and having an international network is not enough to be aiming as high as we are. So, we offer much more than that.

Our benefits

15 years’ experience in ecommerce has given us a significant competitive advantage in knowing the industry inside out. Time and cost-efficient solutions are what we pride ourselves and is something that we provide our partners with at all times.
Our partnerships with world-known brands allow us to offer a dynamic product assortment that is constantly being updated with quality products - for the best price. That is the commitment we give to ourselves, our customers and partners.
Our Network
Our constantly expanding international network provides our partners with the access to the main trading markets, spread across globe, including Europe, North America, Asia and UAE. This gives you the benefit of turning complicated operational processes into a unified experience, saving time and valuable resources.
Logistics Services
Picking, packing, storing & shipping are only a few of the operations that combine the process of order fulfilment. To make it seamless to our customers and partners, we make sure that every detail is executed to perfection. To make it more efficient - our own logistics warehouses located in EU and US provide the functionality of storing and distributing products all around the world.
Our values
The four values that define us as a business are:
Respect. Our deep-rooted respect to what we do, and to who we work with is shown in the professionalism that we deliver at every step of the way.
Responsibilty. Our well-optimized working habits allow us to hold ourselves accountable for every price agreement we take, every deadline we set and every time comittment we make.
Trust. It comes with time - we’ve worked hard to gain trust of the renowed indutry brands and professionals, but we’ve finally got there by years of honest, fair and dedicated cooperation.
Loyalty. Once you gain trust, it is as much important to maintain it. We appreciate it to such extend that our most loyal partnerships trace back to the very beginning of our company. Needless to say, we expect the same loyalty back.
We offer to:
Our customers:
A dynamic assortment, constantly updated with a wide range of products from prestigious and innovative brands
Best cost-quality balance, offering the highest class products for affordable prices
Fast and seamless process from placing an order and its delivery to the customer’s door
Reliable and professional service at all times
Our suppliers:
Loyal long-term cooperation
All agreements met with commitment and integrity
Large volume of orders, complimented with a wide network of international partners and brands
Let‘s grow together!
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