They say if you truly believe in what you do – you won’t have to work a single day in your life. We believe in a mission, not a carrier. It’s a strong backbone of a team that is built on passion and motivation that drives ambition to always achieve more.
We never stop learning and developing our skills, our products and ourselves. This gives us an edge in everything we do.
In short - we’re a group of dedicated professionals who work together towards the same goal. Most importantly, we’re a group of people who really believe in what they do.
Want to grow and improve together? Become an achiever like us. Send us your CV to apply for Product manager position. Purchasing manager experience is your advantage. The seat is waiting. Send to, subject: Tera Group Career (Product manager)
E-Commerce & Wholesales Team
Aurelija Valskė
Senior product manager
Diana Šilkūnė
Product manager
Rūta Telksnienė
Product manager
Tautvydas Savickas
Product manager
Gerda Švobienė
Product manager
Your name
Product manager
Warehousing Team
Linas Paškevičius
Freight forwarder manager
Brigita Mačiulskytė
Warehouse manager
Aistė Naujalienė
Warehouse worker
Gabrielė Stankūnaitė
Warehouse worker
Agnė Juodienė
Warehouse worker
Sendparcel & Boxiti Team
Živilė Kaminskienė
Send parcel managing director
Justinė Jurova
IT Project coordinator
Žaneta Savickė
Marketing manager
Greta Bačiliūnienė
B2B customer service specialist
Ona Bičiuvienė
B2B customer service specialist
Rasa Tijušaitė
Customer service manager
Vaida Kasauskienė
Customer service specialist
Jurgita Vaitonytė
Customer service specialist
Aurelija Raudonytė
Customer service specialist
Renata Titianec
Customer service specialist
Diana Tadeuš
Customer service specialist
Administration Team
Liucija Čekavičė
Renaldas Strelčiūnas
Network specialist
Giedrė Garjonienė
Mindaugas Šilkūnas
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